2014 it has started.

Initially, it was around September/ October 2014, we were inspired while filming a music video on a roof top ( I was there to support my friend, whom danced in the video) , where  3 out of the 4 musicians- who composed the music for Se4sons, made our first acquaintance and someone brought up a suggestion, let’s create a work for dance and related to each seasons and we could present the work either indoor or outdoor.

It is a work that carries 2 purposes for me, 1st – out of the curiosity for choreographing and 2nd, to prepare myself for my first stage choreography in year 2016 Summer.

Allowing myself to make different research and I have assigned 4 different tasks in each season, structuring each of the seasons by applying 4 different approaches ,  together with 4 newly composed music. Many many gratitudes for the opportunity to create dance with newly composed music.

In terms of the ideal space for performing this work, I find it is rather flexible. As human to nature, we get to be adaptive to survive.

My thoughts in Chinese for this work.








choreographed by Wun Sze Chan
music composed by Leopath ( Michael Kamp), Christoph Lewandowski, Matts Johan Leenders, Friederike Bernhardt
dancers : Feline van Dijken, Hiroko Ishigame, Sachika Matsuo, Boris Randzio
trailer :