Lost and Found

It was my first choreography, which was performed on stage, for the annual choreography event – Switch, with Netherlands Dans Theatre. I was a dancer with NDT2, in 2010.

A Duo, for a male and female dancer.

3 minutes long is the piece.

The couple dance most of the time side by side.

At that time, i simply wanted to create, so i enrolled myself to participate as one of the creative artists and choreographing a dance piece.

I didn’t have any other choreograph experience beside my composition exam with Hamburg Ballett School in 2002.

As it’s said in the title, Lost and Found, true to myself, i had no idea how to begin. Accompanied with solo piano music, slowly i found myself enjoying to create movement in the negative space between those hit notes. I feel less under stress, as a choreographer, if the steps are made into the transition of each “expiration” of the sounds.

It’s a breathing piece.

Dancers – Aram Hasler, Riley Watts
Music – “ White Night” by Ludovico Einardi
Choreography- Wun Sze Chan