It is passing by

My 1st choreography, create for the Ensemble of Ballet am Rhein, in 2016 summer.

Insights of interaction, depended action/reaction between each individual, throughout our day to day lives. I would like to play with the energy vibration ( action) naturally created in a community. Besides, it was interested for me searching for our Inner Child.

2014 December, I was informed that my application for making a choreography for my colleagues in 2016 Summer had been selected, from that moment, I had begun preparing myself in every way, in order to accomplish my work with some sort of base content and efficiency.
After attended 3 dance related workshops at ImPulstanz (Vienna) in summer 2014, i was extremely inspired by the energy of Dance could possibly stimulate and the power of assembling people, the entire site was full of creative vibration.

The summer after, in 2015, i had been to my 1st Contact Improvisation Workshop, with Ku Dance Company ( Taipei), again, i was touched by the fact of the openness of this knowledge/form of movement, created between 2 or more individuals. The body contact it creates is sincere and frank.

I was looking forward/keen to share what I had had experienced from the last 2 Summer, the openness and joy one could have enjoyed through dance. It is not that I did not want to create anything with ballet technique, since I have been dancing Ballett for almost 30 years now, somehow when I decide to choreography, it came quite naturally into my decision to create something with my own curiosity.

The piece was 15 minutes long and only the last 3 minutes was with a song, mixed with enlist and Japanese lyric. I find when choreography is danced without music, it challenges the dancers in a different way, they get to look and focus intensively to each other within the group, in order to proceed the steps with unison. Frankly, it was so hard for me, during the creative process, to judge would the steps of this person be too fast or slow, or how could I possibly combine 5 duets and a group 5 woman in a non-existing time frame….i kept believing if we, as a normal human being living in a society, manage to move through all the non choreographed action patterns between each other in our entire life, without hurting someone else, the whole idea of dancing in silence is manageable.

Also, I have started the piece with a short video, of each single dancer, the activities they would start their day with…..spend time playing with the infant, bring their kid to school, meditation, taking a shower, making their own Smoothies, buying the 1st coffee by their favourite Cafe in the morning, walking to the underground etc….. The idea of searching for Inner child, brought up the lightness for the piece. I enjoyed the fact that we could at least “ play” and “ have fun” as a child would freely do. Thank you for the great people and dancers in the company, the ideas of the piece was bought on stage with moving impacts to me.

Video – Michael Maurissens
Light – Franz-Xaver Schaffer
Balletmaster – Uwe Schröter
Dancers – Ann-Kathrin Adam, Doris Becker, Sabrina Delafied, Feline van Dijken, Nathalie Guth, Christine Jaroszewski, Anne Marchand, Asuka Morgenstern, Aryanne Raymundo, Irene Vaqueiro, Andriy Boyetskyy, Filipe Frederico, Richard Jones, Sonny Locsin, Bruno Narnhammer, Tomoaki Nakanome
choreography/ Stage Design/ Costume – Wun Sze Chan
PhotographGert Weigelt (©