Days Together

It’s my 1st collective work, choreographing with another dancer, Marque K.Lee.

The title was named after the entire process, more than 2 years was spent to the completion of the work.

Marque and I were curious and wanted to spend time researching movement, which interested us. During the creative period, I was overwhelmed by being so self critic and dramaturgy correct, which turned out bringing a lot of value to our work. When the work was done, i appreciate the development and fluidity of the steps throughout the entire piece.

With the help of a friend, Michael Maurissens, filming and editing, i enjoyed this work to be presented as a Dance-Video.

Concept, Choreography, Dance – Wun Sze Chan, Marquet K Lee
Music – Nils Frahm, The Bells, “ Dedication, Loyalty ”
Video – Michael Maurissens
Full video: